Asparagus season in Terlan – an ever-growing economic cycle

The asparagus season in Terlan is a tried and tested cooperation which guarantees freshness and authenticity.

A small cycle that is growing and receiving support: much appreciated partners have been found for the asparagus season 2017, ones who highly value the cooperation themselves and who, because of their own quality and their company philosophies, perfectly fit into the Terlan asparagus season’s concept.

Verband der Südtiroler Kleintierzüchter

Two absolute spring classics have come together. The royal vegetable grown on the plain in the Terlan region, the asparagus, and the quality meat of the mountains, the South Tyrolean fawn. The character of the goats is very selective, and the goatlings only feed themselves with the best grasses, which makes the meat so fibrous and delicate. South Tyrolean fawn is a specialty of South Tyrol’s mountain farms.

Raiffeisenkasse Etschtal

For years now, the Raiffeisenkasse Etschatl has been a big part of the Terlano asparagus season. They have helped realise various culinary events during the Terlano asparagus season, that, without their help and collaboration woud not have been possible.

Qualita Suedtirol Eier

Therefore, there’s just the best waiting for your enjoyment, for all your senses, at the Terlaner asparagus season.



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